Watch Out World, There’s A New C7 Corvette Z06 1/2 Mile Record Holder

Skip Harmon’s procharged Chevrolet C7 Corvette Z06 already held the record for the fastest quarter-mile with a time of 9.31 seconds and a trap speed of 150 miles per hour (on pump gas and street tires), but that wasn’t enough. The Corvette had been a test mule for ProCharger‘s D-1SC kit, thereby becoming one of the first procharged units of the C7 Z06 in the country, allowing it to make around 800 horsepower. But Harmon wanted more — which is usually the case when it comes to speed junkies guys like us.

So, after setting the quarter-mile record, he sent the C7 Z06 to Advanced Modern Performance (AMP) for further enhancements. Here, the Z06 was upgraded from the D-1SC kit to the F1R kit, which notably increases the boost to 25 psi in “full race mode”. The car also features the typical bolt-on upgrades like an intake and headers, but the 6.2L LT4 V8 also got ported heads and an aggressive cam, along with methanol injection. Harmon also chose to run C16 fuel in the Corvette on the day that this video was taken, resulting in just over 1,100 ponies.

With that, we’ll let you click play and watch one of the fastest — if not the fastest — Chevrolet Corvettes in the country (or the world) rocket down the half-mile stretch at 182.18 mph across the finish line.