Watch this impatient driver get what he deserves after cutting off dozens of other cars


An impatient driver got what was coming to him after cutting off other drivers. In footage taken from the dashboard of the driver’s car, the vehicle was clearly speeding down a highway in Connecticut.

Cars began to start piling up in the right lane as the driver speeds by. Rather than taking advantage of several opportunities to safely merge into traffic, the driver moves from the left lane to the middle lane, where he zipped by the line of cars in the right lane. At the last second, he fills a gap between another car and a large truck, cutting off dozens of other vehicles that had been patiently waiting their turn in line. That’s when his luck began to turn. Just two cars ahead of the driver was a Connecticut State Trooper, who watched the whole ordeal and motioned for the driver to pull over.

“What’s up?” he asks her.

“You can’t cross that solid white line,” she replied before the clip cut out.