There’s no doubt that distracted driving is a huge problem on our roadways. You can drive just a few minutes on any given day and spot drivers focused on their phones instead of the road in front of them. Whether they are texting, snapping a selfie, or posting a comment on Facebook, people seem to have a really hard time putting their phone down and driving.

Municipalities across the nation have passed laws making it illegal to use your phone while driving, but officers are having a hard time proving what the drivers were doing, allowing the guilty parties to challenge the tickets and actually win. In Marietta Georgia, the police deployed a force of officers dressed as road crews to walk up and actually look into the cars and verify that the drivers were, in fact, performing illegal activities while driving. The disguised officers would then radio ahead to patrol officers who would pull over and cite the guilty parties.

Having an officer get concrete visual evidence of distracted driving should make the cases stick and give them a higher tally of successful cases. Next time you’re cruising around town and texting or snapping the perfect selfie, make sure there isn’t a road crew close by, as they could be officers in disguise looking to bust you, no matter how good your photo is!