V8 Dad Goes For a Ride in His Son’s 2JZ Lexus SC300 – Will he Become an Import Fan?

Today, there are a variety of vehicles to choose from, allowing people who like to go fast to pick anything from a turbocharged four-cylinder all the way up to the American V8. However, in previous generations, as you will find, most have grown to develop an obsession with American iron. That’s right, back in the day, the V8 ruled and there wasn’t too much debating that. However, with what’s out on the market today, this time, we show up a little bit of a situation that will have an old-school hot rod enthusiast considering being converted to a small displacement boost freak right in front of your eyes.

During this display, we watch a father and son bonding moment that’s definitely an entertaining stretch when we see what happens when dad gets picked up by his son and his Lexus SC300. Now, if you’re familiar with these machines, you probably know that they pack a decent amount of power from the factory and kind of slid under the radar in a way. This machine, in particular, has its 2JZ tuned to makeover 600 hp, 633 to be exact. Now, if you know American muscle enthusiasts or any enthusiasts for that matter, you know that their ways are not going to be changed easily but straight from the start, this dad’s eyes are opened wide when his son lays into the throttle and unleashes all that power that the stout little six-cylinder has to offer.

Check out the video below as this ride along turns into a conversation that might just have an American muscle enthusiasts considering other avenues. No matter what kind of enthusiasts these two might be, it’s really good to see the classic moment of the father and the son bonding over a vehicle. In a world where kids don’t seem to be as interested in going fast, it’s scenes like this one, around the world, that will help to keep the community alive!