Twin-Turbo LSX Willys Jeep Is For Those With A Death Wish!!!


Dare to be different, as they say. That’s certainly the case with this Willy Jeep dragster. Why? Because the owner has placed two enormous turbochargers, an LSx crate engine and a 400 transmission to create a real drag strip beast, according to our sister site, Fiat-Chrysler Authority.

The video below shows the Willys Jeep in action as it gives some very respectable machinery a run for the money. In the process, it clocks consistent 10-second passes in the quarter mile, passes that would embarrass an almighty Hellcat, and even some of the most potent factory muscle from Chevrolet, C7 Corvette Z06 included.


We could continue to talk about the Jeep, but you’d much rather see the love and attention that went into this build in the video up above instead. We don’t blame you. Check it out.