A Trio of Dodge Demons Went Up in Flames While in Transit

The Dodge Demon may be closely assimilated with fire, but Dodge never anticipated this close a relationship. Unfortunately, three low VIN Dodge Demons caught on fire when they were being transported by Reliable Carriers to there respective owners.
Initial rumors and reports from an alleged Reliable Carriers employee indicated that one of the Demons caught on fire randomly, causing the large blaze, but Reliable Carriers released a statement indicating that the alleged employee was in fact not on the books nor had he ever been. Reliable Carrier then went on to say the fire was caused by the transporter and the three Demons were unlucky enough to get caught in the blaze.

2018 Dodge Demon at Indianapolis Dragstrip

According to a post on Hellcat.org Forum, Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis reached out to one of the owners informing him of the unfortunate incident. He also ensured the owner nothing was wrong with the Demon and that the three destroyed vehicles will be rebuilt expeditiously with lower VIP numbers. Now each owner can say their original Demons were sent back to hell or some corny line like that after saying, “ya know, its a funny story…”

After doing a little napkin math, we are estimating this story will be told by the three owners a total of 1,200 times (conservative number). If each owner attends 20 car events a year for 20 years, we have 1,200 stories. That being said, we could be totally wrong and each of them could sit in a temperature controlled room for the rest of their life.