THROWBACK: Cornbread Camaro meets its maker in nasty dragstrip crash

Remember the Cornbread Camaro? It was a bitchin’ 1968 Camaro with a flame job and a big-ass blower, as well as a huge windshield banner that reads “CORNBREAD” in case you forget what it’s called. Sadly, however, “was” is the operative word here. Owner Spencer was attacking the Redemption 4.0 No Prep race at Texas Raceway when the car started wandering across the track. He was able to cut power as the car fishtailed, but when it swung around again, it flipped three or four times before landing on its roof. Fortunately, Spencer is okay. But that’s more than what we can say about this badass Camaro, which is effectively totaled. But nothing stays down for long in the world of drag racing. Hopefully we’ll see this Camaro rise again.

Check out the video below that shows off the entire incident as the car rolls over several times. As far as we know, the driver suffered no severe injuries and will be able to race another day but an incident like this can really be a crusher! The only thing that you can really do in a situation like this is put your head down and keep on moving forward, hoping that you’ll have better luck the next time that you get the opportunity to rocket down the track.