Since now, you can have Lazy Snowy Sunday

What if we tell you that you don’t have to clean your snowy driveway any more. Have your Sunday breakfast until the snow is cleaned by it self. Not actually by it self, but by the RoboPlow that cleans snow.
This robot is made by the Super Droid Robots firm in North Carolina. They built and develop this robot that would plough the snow for you while you are at your warm house relaxing.
Susan Payne from the Super Droid Robots says that first the robot was built for the NY Fire Department, but they change the usage putting a twist on it. The robot costs 8,500 US Dollars and it will be most useful if the snow is level is from 5 to 15 centimeters. Weights about 82 kilos and it has six wheels and it comes with a plough blade which is 1.3 meter in length. The robot can be controlled from your desktop PC or your tablet. It runs for two hours on two car batteries, but there is a space for more batteries for additional work. The robot can also be controlled by employing the standard remote control. You can also add a camera on it.
You can also attach yours individual ploughs adapting to your needs.
The RoboPlow in action

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