We all love the David vs Goliath drag race, with this kind of the velocity brawls keeping us in front of a screen from start to finish. However, a sprinting battle we have here doesn’t qualify for such the label. At first, one might be tempted to say that a 707 horsepower muscle car fighting the featherweight Ford might just qualify for the said tag, but, if we take the closer look at the specs of these beasts, it quickly becomes obvious why such the assumption is wrong. For one thing, the Ford GT40, which is actually the replica built by Superformance, has been blessed with 427 power, so we are looking at around 450 ponies at the rear wheels (and this means the thing goes well above 500 horsepower at the crank). And when it comes to the scale footprint, the rough comparison will tell you that a Mopar machine weighs half as much as the Blue Oval toy. Nevertheless, since a Superformance origins of a machine means this is as close to the original as you can get, seeing such the contraption being thrown at the Charger Hellcat is overly enticing. The two met on airstrip of the Rantoul Aviation Center in Illinois and engaging in half-mile shenanigans. While may of you’ll pay attention to the trap speed, we have to mention that the two went for the standing start, so we can enjoy the direct sprinting comparo.

Given the aura of the GT40, the 1320video crew, who captured the thing on the camera, decided to deliver the complete take on the matter.

As such, we are even taken inside the engine compartment as the beast accelerates down a runway.

Oh, and perhaps we should mention that a Hellcat wasn’t the only machine that fought the Ford GT40 during a drag racing event we have here.