Oh, yes, it’s sexy, from just about every angle. It’s got classic lines, a great color, a thumping 406ci on nitrous, a backstory that is the stuff of dreams and the performance to worry just about any competitor. John Andrade, Sr.’s Oldsmobile has been his since he was fourteen years old and has been on his mind since he first rode in it at age 2, when the car belonged to a family friend. We only wish that a car we’ve hung onto for that long would look this good and run this hard! The 406 is an engine out of “The Cutty”, John Andrade, Jr.’s Street Outlaws-famous Oldsmobile G-body, and in the bigger A-body, is good for a high-8 second quarter-mile run. The family that races together stays together…in addition to seeing the big red Olds do it’s thing at a 10.0 index class race, you’ll get a look at Jayce Andrade’s “The Yeti” big-block Chevrolet-powered Fox Mustang. It’s a story decades in the making, that has survived many times where the car might have, or should have, been sold off!