Mustang Owners Rejoice As A Camaro Wrecks Leaving A Cars And Coffee

I know all of our Mustang owning-and-loving friends have probably been cringing over the past few months as videos of Mustangs leaving various Cars and Coffee meets and wrecking embarrassingly have been shared all over the internet. Well, now Mustang owners can help themselves to a big scoop of Schadenfreude as they watch this drag-spec Camaro eat a fence. Like all these videos, the setup is always the same: leaving a Cars and Coffee meet (this one in Reno), perfect weather, open, dry, straight road, and the decisive victory of physics over common human hubris.
This first-gen Camaro is heavily modified to be a drag racer; the engine has a massive supercharger, it’s got huge, fat slicks on the rear and tiny bagel-tires up front, and it’s got a lovely blue tube-frame under the body. I know all this because most of the front of the body gets pulled off when the driver uses the car to mangle an awful lot of chain-link fence.
Assuming this guy actually drag races that car, you’d think he’d be better at this drive-fast-in-a-straight-line sort of thing. Still, maybe it’s because he was too used to the drag strip; those have much more grip than regular asphalt roads, so perhaps he was driving it like he would on a strip, and found that on a normal street that just makes the rears lose all grip. Which maybe made him lose his grip, metaphorically.
One upside to this video is to note how nice and helpful all those guys who show up at the end are. There’s no taunting or jeering or judging, just a bunch of people looking to help out a fellow gearhead who fucked up.

I mean, yes, the driver was an idiot, no question, but I admire all the people who stepped up to help get the idiot’s mangled car out of the road.