Mustang Crosses the Finish line at 196mph on the Rear Wheels

Drag radial racing brings out some of the craziest cars that you can imagine, blasting down the drag strip, door to door, trying to gain every last advantage possible while putting on a complete and utter show in the process of doing it, giving the fans more than what they paid for.

In this Free Life Films clip, we check out a killer display that will make you want to get out and watch some drag radial racing first hand. When Frank Soldridge and his killer Ford Mustang stepped to the plate, the duo ended up showing out down the eighth mile, blasting through the finish line on two wheels!

Check out the video below that shows the 196 mph pass that goes down on the back tires with the fronts lifted high in the air. If this doesn’t provide an all out adrenaline rush, we just aren’t sure what could. Your heart should beat faster watching something like this, if it doesn’t, then you might not have one!