Motorbike Rider Not Paying Attention And Lands In Ute / Pickup Tray

Considering all the horrible ways someone can crash their bike, landing inside the truck bed seemingly unharmed is not a bad way to have a…ahem….bad day. The video below was captured by a semi’s dashcam, and shows the rider approaching the small ute in front of him, only braking when it was already too late to avoid making contact. Once all the vehicles in the picture exit that tunnel, this rider starts looking around, left and right, while traffic ahead slows down. While this rider might not have been paying proper attention, it’s still the little difficult to understand why he would keep his eyes off the road for so long. Thankfully, upon landing inside the truck bed, he seems to be moving around very…alertly, which is always the good sign following any motorcycle crash. He was also lucky that his motorcycle didn’t land directly on top of him – if you look close, you will see that it barely missed him. Also, it’s easy to imagine what the shock this must have been for the driver of that old ute.