This is What Manual Clutch Engagement Looks Like From The Inside

When hopping into your car, it may appear to be as simple as mashing the gas pedal and going. Even if there happens to be a clutch thrown in the mix somewhere along the way, driving is still a pretty straightforward process. However, there are some more complicated workings at play, obviously, that go into making sure that your car performs the correct way every single time.
While it is difficult to take an inside look at these moving parts while they’re in motion, this video allows us to do just that as a hole has been sawed out of a manual transmission to allow us to peek inside of the mechanical workings to see exactly how something like this maneuvers during regular use.
Check out the inner workings of such a piece of machinery down in the video below that will allow you to peek into a functioning manual transmission to watch the clutch engage and disengage in a way like you might have never seen before.