Jay Leno’s Vicious 2017 Ford GT Turns Heads @ Local Car Show!

Jay Leno is always making sure to keep up on the latest and greatest power-horses in the automotive world. Therefore, when the newest Ford GT came off of the production line he made sure to jump on it as soon as he had the chance. If you have been following the buzz of the GT then you probably know that there was quite a bit of controversy concerning the latest model. Instead of being powered by the vicious V8 that everyone has loved Ford decided to use a turbo ecoboost V6. Yes, it is a better choice for the environment, but many Ford fans felt skeptical of the power it could/would produce compared to the famous power the V8 offered the GT. However, it appears that Ford succeeded in adapting to the times and keeping up with the power the consumers know and love. In this video we get to see Jay Leno’s very own 2017 Ford GT as it rolls through a car show. The vehicle looks and sounds vicious and we are lucky enough to get a full walkaround look at the newest addition to the Ford family!