Is This The Most Iconic Street Race Scene of All Time? American Graffiti

Here in America and all across the globe, cinema has been one of the means of inspiration for countless people. Watching movie stars on the big screen is not only a favorite pastime for many but sometimes can even go as far as inspiring a lifestyle. As you’re probably aware, there are a plethora of movies that have taken it upon themselves to bring out the best in all gearheads with scenes that will practically have the octane flowing through your veins. This is most certainly one of those scenes. This time, we traveled pretty far back to a film that has been pretty much claimed its spot as a shoe in for being called an American classic in American Graffiti. It’s certainly not a film that you can forget about when you want to talk about iconic racing scenes. In this one, we check out one of our favorite clips from the movie that takes you back to a time that was so raw and real that you simply cannot resist just getting immersed in a clip like this. Ride along with the action down in the video below and tell us what you think of this iconic movement in American film history.