This is Exactly Why You Buy a Dash Cam!

Traveling out on the open road can be a real doozy. If you’re someone who has seen a lot of mileage, you can attest to the fact to some crazy things happening out there on the highway. While you can do everything in your own power to keep yourself out of harm’s way, you never really know what’s going on in the head of another driver who might just be nodding off behind the wheel or doing some sort of distracting activity that has their eyes everywhere outside of where they should be. In such a situation, it would be good to have some sort of protection for the insurance company to look at, especially if being behind the wheel is the way that you bring in your income.

This time, we check out just that situation where a dash cam is truly a life saver as the driver of this big rig encounters something truly incredible when the driver of a mini van comes from seemingly out of nowhere to merge into the big rig’s lane, causing quite the ugly accident that most certainly could’ve been avoided and certainly could’ve probably been debated when this van driver went to the insurance company to solve the issue. We’re not saying that this person would have lied but unfortunately, not everybody is the most honest in the world, especially when you consider a situation like this that could get them in some hot water.

Check out the clip below that takes you on board of this truck as it gets blindsided by a fellow commuter. It’s most certainly not every day that you see something like this going down and luckily for the driver of the semi truck, he captured the whole situation on camera. If you scroll around Speed Society a little bit and look at some of these dash cam videos, you’ll just see how valuable they can really be as they have saved the rear ends of countless drivers in sticky situations.