Drone Films Tesla Model X Driver In Need Of Serious AI Assistance

Until the day comes when we will no longer have to worry about maneuvering our vehicles in and out of tight spots, drivers are still required to know the exact dimensions of their cars so they can judge whether or not they will fit in a tight spot. Speaking of tight spots, the distance between that double decker bus and the side of that bridge isn’t all that considerable. To top it all off, the Tesla Model X is a very wide car, measuring no fewer than 2,271 mm (89.4 inches). Still, we can’t help but feel like the driver could have gone through the gap a lot sooner than he did. Not only did he hold up several other motorists with his indecisiveness, he also executed a whole bunch of weird maneuvers that didn’t lead anywhere. Ultimately, while the Model X isn’t the easiest car to squeeze through tight spaces, it’s packed full of clever sensors and cameras that should make this type of maneuvering much less of a burden.