Dodge Challenger Hellcat Races The Viper TA From Rolling Start


The 707 HP Challenger SRT Hellcat is proving to be very difficult to beat in two particular categories: Value and Drag racing. However, the 640 HP Viper TA proved to be more than just a worthy opponent. It’s the ultimate Dodge on Dodge crime!

Even though both cars started off quickly from a stand still (which the Viper won), they waited until they got rolling side by side, honked and then floored it up to the point where the Viper driver allegedly missed 3rd gear – according to the description of the video. Upon further inspection, that seems unlikely since he was already into third at one point.

So either he missed 4th or he lifted off or both, which kind of looks like what he did. Still the Hellcat driver talks about already being in front but to us it looks like a very close race between a more powerful car and a much lighter car accelerating side by side. So as far as rolling starts go, this one was pretty even until the missed gear.

If the race would have occurred from a stand still, the Hellcat would have needed a near-perfect start with little to no loss of grip in order to challenge the much lighter Viper, which will reach 62 mph (100km/h) in 3.5 seconds, while the Hellcat takes about 3.7 seconds.

All that power and torque has a price too, and it’s not just currency.

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