The first mistake you can make in each sport is to underestimate your opponent! Never do that mistake, never. Because sometimes even if the facts are speaking that you are stronger and you will win the competition, that stupid thinking can lower your chance for winning. The reason is simple you will not push to the limits on the very beginning and you will be surprised by your opponent. And here is the point where the difficulties appear!

The same thing happened in our case, but why, when we are all witnesses of the mighty Cummins performance and there are a lot of evidences out there supporting it?

Yeah when you will see this heavy load monster on the track the first thing that will come on you mind is off-roading and pulling massive loads, but this truck is not there by mistake! It has some skills!

The Dodge Ram Cummins Turbo Diesel had an impressive launch in front of the custom built Chevrolet Chevelle for drag races, poisoning the track with toxic smoke…  And what happened next…

You need to watch the video and see it on your own, but before you do that tell us on which one would you place your bets?