Courtney Force, NHRA Reporter Turn 2017 Camaro ZL1 Burnout Into Hot Blonde Stunt

Now that the 2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 has reached the streets in larger numbers, we can expect all sorts of stunts involving the muscle hero and we’re here to show you the most recent one. For this supercharged episode, funny car driver Courtney Force decided to turn a 2017 Camaro ZL1 burnout into a much more spectacular event. The Advance Auto Parts Chevy driver could’ve simply warmed up the rear tires of the Camaro before the drag strip run that followed, but she chose to give NHRA reporter Amanda Busick a shotgun ride.

Once the two smoking hot blondes were inside the car, strapped helmets and all, Courteny trader her profesion for the welder role, keeping the throttle pedal to the floor for quite a while.

The adventure took place at the Auto Club Raceway in Pomona, with the starting area of the drag strip being engulfed in smoke, a testament of the tire torture enforced with the help of the 650 hp LT4 V8 animating the muscle car.

However, if you ask us, the best part of the stunt came after the tires were shred to pieces. It’s not that we didn’t enjoy seeing Courtney putting the line lock feature of the ZL1 to work. Oh no. Instead, we were more interested in the blistering shifts the driver delivered as she was blasting down the strip.

And that’s because, until March next year, we can only get stick shift ZL1s and the gear change times can be a pretty big deal – let’s take the now-Internet-famous drag race between the new ZL1 and the Hellcat.

Texas aftermarket developer Hennessey Performance, who held the brawl in its back yard (read: a drag strip), mixed a manual ZL1 with a Dodge Challenger Hellcat packing an eight-speed auto.

It didn’t take a trained eye to notice how the Camaro lost serious ground with each shift and, among other things, we were left wondering what would’ve happened if the driver had gone for braver gear changes.