EPIC FAIL — Cop With Broken Headlight Wrongly Stops Man to Cite Him for a Broken Headlight!

Forest City, PA — A Forest City police officer was caught on camera in a glaring display of hypocrisy and abuse when he pulled over a man for an alleged headlight violation — only to be shown up as the one with the headlight out.

Brian Karwowski, the man who took the video, explained to the Free Thought Project that the police in his town are notorious for stopping people who drive nice vehicles to fish for evidence of drug dealing. Karwowski, who is a diesel mechanic, has a brand new Toyota truck which happened to make him a target.

In March of this year, Karwowski was targeted by a lying officer who claimed he had a headlight out. However, Karwowski happened to be returning home from the dealership after receiving his free service for his new vehicle, and he has the paperwork to prove it. While servicing his vehicle, the dealership conducted a multipoint inspection, part of which included checking the headlights. Karwowski has the paperwork to prove that his truck, with only 8,000 miles on it, was in full working order prior to being stopped by this cop. In fact, during the stop, as illustrated by the video, Karwowski showed that his headlights were fully functional. However, as shown in the video below, the cop should have pulled himself over — as it was he who was in violation — not the innocent motorist. Sadly enough, this was the second time this officer stopped Karwowski for the same fake violation. Karwowski explained to the Free Thought Project that this officer had previously targeted him in a fishing expedition because he somehow thinks that driving a new vehicle is suspicious. Karwowski says he filed a complaint with the department but noted that he doesn’t think anything will come of it as the rest of the town’s government is also corrupt.

Below is what “protecting and serving” looks like in a police state.