The Coolest, Most Authentic Semi Truck-Themed Custom Builds

Walt Moss of Lake Nebagamon, Wisconsin started a trucking business in 1978 but soon realized his true passion lies in making truck-based custom builds that are truly authentic works of art. He started by converting a 1959 school bus body into a large car Peterbilt truck hood, and since it topically fit right into the Mad Max iconography, which was very current at the time, he named it “Madd Moss”. Then he continued his Dr. Frankenstein M.O. by attaching a 1960 sleeper onto a 1954 Kenworth cab with an 11 ft. elongated hood. That might sound monstrous but wait until you see it. It’s a 1000hp coupe-truck with a huge backseat and it looks impressively menacing. Finally, there’s the TrikeZilla; It can best be described as a humongous trike with a truck hood serving as a cab, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. Check them all out in videos below: