Classic Muscle Car Street Racing On Route 66 Will Make U Love America Again!

You have got to know that any drag racing or street racing throw down that takes place on Route 66, perhaps the most iconic American highway of all time, is going to raced by some mighty fine American car, eh? Well, this video of Route 66 totally legal street racing is just that! This video is packed full of American muscle cars street racing one another along one of the most historically important motorways in the United States. And, many of these street racing muscle cars are the classic street beasts that we all love such as early day Chevy Camaros, Dodge Challengers, Pontiac GTOs, Plymouth Barracudas, Buick GSXs, Pontiac Firebirds, and pony cars such as the beautiful Ford Mustang. Moreover, the street racing on Route 66 is fun and thrilling!