Chevy Work Truck vs. Mustang


Clad with drag wheels and a tall racing slick, this Ford Mustang definitely was designed to be a racing machine and look like one too, make no bones about those intentions.

In the next lane over, we check out a Chevrolet Silverado sporting a ladder rack, complete with a ladder that looks like nothing other than a reliable work truck. Looks can tell about a thousand lies.

Basically, what we are trying to get at is that this race really looks stacked in favor of the Mustang but when the vehicles launch, we get another story entirely out of the results.

Instead of the Mustang taking off and running away with  victory the Ford gets the jump off of the line and while it does manage to win, it’s by no more than a fender! This Chevy is one heck of a sleeper if we’ve ever seen one!