The annual Bandit Run culminated, just like in the movies, in Georgia with an appearance by the bandit himself, Burt Reynolds. However, before it wrapped officially Saturday, Burt and the gang made a stop by Atlanta Motor Speedway to recreate some of the iconic scenes. Things were going smoothly as a flatbed semi took the top clean off a police cruiser, but when it came time for the big jump, the same can not be said. As everyone knows Burt jumps Mulberry Bridge in the film landing safely on the other side; well, here the jump goes off fine, but as Evel Kneivel once said, “Anybody can jump a motorcycle. The trouble begins when you try to land it.”

As the video shows the result was the Trans Am landing on its side verse the more traditional four wheels, but at the end of the day all were safe and it provided some rad memorabilia to benefit veterans. “Burt signed a bunch of pieces for auction on,” said The Bandit Run Founder Dave Hall.