We’ve seen plenty of cool engine swaps in boats of all shapes and sizes, but this may be the first diesel powered speed boat we’ve ever seen and it is definitely cool! The Tarva V Drive boat was outfitted with the Cummins diesel by Merlon Johnson at Old School Garage and man does this things shred on the water. Merlon also has a wicked cool rig he uses to shuttle the boat back and forth to the ramp, a classic truck that’s been converted to a flatbed and it makes the perfect tow truck. We’re willing to get the tow truck has a diesel in ti too! Seeing the boat dropped into the water and knowing it’s a diesel, I still wasn’t prepared for what I was about to see and hear. As soon as the engine cranks, it throws you off because while many large yachts and shipping vessels are diesel powered, they aren’t powered by 600 HP Cummins engines with a turbo hung out in the wind. Merlon warms the boat up a bit, then decides to let it eat, and is quite a sight and a treat for the ears too. That turbo spools up magnificently as the RPM’s climb and the boat’s speed increases. We would definitely love to take this thing for a spin, and to be honest, Lake Havasu isn’t all that far from San Diego.