This 400HP 1972 Chevy Nova Is A Sublime Classic!

By the time 1970’s rolled out, muscle cars were really reaching their pinnacle. The years that followed weren’t the brightest time in their history, and this 1972 Chevy Nova was one of the last magnificent muscle cars of the era. Perhaps that’s the reason why these magnificent machines are so well respected even nowadays. The one you’re about to see belongs to a young man named Jeff, who restored it completely, and it’s now in nearly mint condition. If the design doesn’t get you, the phenomenal sound coming from this carburetted V8 unit is bound to. Still, the owner wanted to keep it as close to original condition as possible, so he chose to perform a couple of period correct mods, which only made this vehicle even more exquisite. Still, don’t underestimate this monster, as it still sports a respectable 400 horsepower, which turn it into an ideal daily driver. We cannot emphasize enough just how brilliant this automobile truly is, so we’d advise you to click on the video below and see for yourself. Trust me, it’ll be worthwhile!