2017 Ford GT Is An Absolute Masterpiece On Four Wheels

The new Ford GT has finally arrived, and the automotive world went crazy. Considering the rich history behind this terrific supercar, it’s no wonder why that’s the case. Will the new monster be able to fulfill its potential?

The first thing most haters are gonna notice is the V6 EcoBoost engine. However, although the displacement might be smaller than usual, the numbers behind it are absolutely bonkers. Does 647 horsepower and 550 lb-ft of torque sound sufficient? The 0-60 mph acceleration is also insane, measured at only 2.9 seconds, while the top speed achieved was 216 mph!

Take a second to wrap your brain around how wild those figures are! Power is only a part of the equation, as Ford GT also sports a gorgeously aerodynamic body, which allows it to maintain ultimate levels of grip at all times. Oh yeah, it also looks absolutely stupendous from every angle one can think of.

While the price tag is sky high, this supercar was never meant for the masses. Lucky individuals who will get to drive it are sure gonna be impressed, though. And so will the rest of the planet, only from a safe distance.