1966 Shelby GT350H Mustang Unveiled During This Epic “Barn Find”

There are many gearheads sprinkled all over the world who like to spend their free time searching for epic barn finds. If you are not familiar with the term barn find then do not fret! Barn find is a simple way to explain the process of hunting for old abandoned cars! It received that name because more often than not classic vintage cars were found sitting in old abandoned barns. However, that is not always the case classic cars are found abandoned in old lots, large properties and many other random areas all over.

In this video, we check out an epic “barn find” found by Youtuber Auto Archaeology. He travels all around farm fields and other wide-open spaces searching for awesome finds. Fortunately, he came across an epic find when he came across a 1966 Shelby GT350H Mustang! It is certainly not in the best condition since it was sitting for decades on the abandoned property, but it is still a great find!

To check out the classic Mustang click the video below!