1300 HP Peterbilt Dump Truck Rockets Past a Honda

In these modern times, many vehicle manufacturers are trying to reduce gas emission. They do this in order to help preserve the environment. However, some people do not care a lot about gas emission and just enjoy driving and burning coal. Such is the case with this driver, who gets his Peterbilt 379 SEMI Truck on the highway and just blasts off! Most heavy trucks do not go fast even on the highway, but this guy puts his truck to the test! Needless to say, it passed with flying colors. It would have been even better to see this from the driver`s perspective, but nonetheless, it is still awesome!

Anyways, this guy gets his Peterbilt 379 SEMI Truck on the highway and is passed by a FedEx semi-trailer truck. As soon as the FedEx truck passes the Peterbilt, the driver of the latter starts to accelerate. In a matter of seconds, it passed the FedEx truck and it continued to move at a fast pace. Unfortunately, we do not know how fast the truck was going. We can only presume that it was way over the speed limit! We would love to see this guy race another truck! That would be quite pleasing! Watch the video below and enjoy the show!