1000hp ZL1 Camaro Burnout for Over a Minute!! “Hey Dude The Brakes Are on FIRE!!”

Maybe the driver of this ZL1 Camaro just wasn’t thinking things through when he started this burnout, or maybe there’s something in the car’s line lock feature that limits the amount of time the built-in burnout enabler will hold the car for the shenanigans. I hope there’s a good reason, because I can’t help but wonder why this guy put several thousands of miles of abuse on his car’s rear brakes when the car came from the factory with a line lock.
For those who aren’t familiar with the term, a line lock system holds the front brakes while releasing the rear calipers, allowing the car to freely spin the rear tires without the back brakes engaged, preventing unnecessary wear and tear on the brakes while also allowing the car to break the tires free more easily. As you can clearly see in this video, the rear brakes were definitely applied while this guy roasted the rear tires for over a minute, building so much heat that the rear rotors glowed orange and even caught fire briefly.
I’m fairly certain the ZL1 has carbon-ceramic brake disks, which are hardly cheap, and watching a guy waste years of their lifespan all for the fleeting glory of one burnout seems, at the very least, wasteful. However, it’s not my car and not my bill to pay to replace the rotors, so if that’s how he wants to handle his burnouts, more power to him!
I do have to encourage anybody out there with a ZL1, a new Challenger Hellcat, or a Ford Mustang with the line lock system to use it if you want to follow this guys lead. There’s literally no need in reucing your brakes’ effective lifespan by years for the sake of a smoke show, when you can roast the hides while preserving the binders. Thankfully he small blaze was put out quickly and it doesn’t appear to have damaged the car, although in the light of day there could be damage that isn’t visible in this footage from Stangkilr Productions.