All 10 Rear Lug Nuts Fail After Hard Launch


2002 was supposed to be the last year for the Chevy Camaro…and in a way it was. While GM introduced a new Camaro concept around 2006, the production version didn’t hit streets until Spring of 2009. That left Camaro fans plenty of time to modify existing Camaros, including those final fourth generation models, the 2002 Camaro Z28’s.

As we all know, the LS1 engine under the hood gives these fourth-gen Camaros plenty of power potential. But if you don’t upgrade the suspension along with the engine, you may end up shearing off not one, but BOTH wheels when you launch hard at the drag strip. That’s exactly what happened to the driver of this ‘02 Camaro in the next video.

With a 400 horsepower 346 engine backed by a Moser 9-inch rearend, one would think this Camaro would be all set for drag racing. But with stock shocks that had seen at least 100,000 miles, severe wheel hop was apparently a problem.

As soon as he punches it, the rear tires start bouncing out of control, and the car barely makes it off the starting line before one, then both rear wheels completely sheer off the lug nuts. Simply put – we’ve never seen anything like this before.

The driver blames the axles and acorn-style lug nuts, though an old, beat-up suspension is just as likely the culprit. Luckily, the driver’s brother came through with replacement hubs, and this Camaro was back in action before the end of the day…though they made sure to go easy on the launch this time.

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